about jamila organics

About Jamila Organics

Jamila Organics is a family run business and we take great pride in our product range and our personal customer service. Our passion is skin health and the quality and effectiveness of our products speak for themselves. We have worked hard to develop a product range that is premium and affordable.

What We Do?

We offer Natural and Organic skincare products, British Ingredients, Skincare solutions (ageing, acne, brightening), Vegan, Cruelty Free, We promote Women Empowerment, (Future plan to give 2% of sale money into charity), Stay safe and order online in this covid situation(Only a temporary thing)

Our Mission

Jamila Organics started with the idea of providing natural and organic skincare to the world and philosophy behind its foundation is to secure the best ingredients from around the world regardless of the expense as the idea was to create products with exceptional results having no additives, parabens or any synthetic preservatives, vegan and cruelty free- short shelf life being natural. The results have always been more and more satisfied customers worldwide.

Jamila Organics Skincare is world-class, cutting edge, and considers one of the top skincare provider with ingredients sourced from pure and natural resources around the world. Good skincare is recognized for its healing properties and contribution to one's overall welfare. The condition of our skin is part of our general health and any issues within the skin can affect us mentally or physically by causing stress and discomfort and can emotionally bring a negative impact

Let Jamila Organics contribute to caring and healing of your skin.

Our Vision

We will become a leader in the skincare industry through our research and development and education of sourcing the best natural ingredients in their purest forms to produce exceptional skincare products with solutions and healing properties. We will only be chemical free and work against the idea of animal testing within the skincare industry and set ethics. We aim to become our customer's first choice when buying skincare and become a legacy for generations by constantly growing and providing the best skincare solutions and contribute to overall customer welfare. We will build a global Natural and Organic skincare brand known to diverse ethnicities with diverse skin textures and problems and become a brand that benefits people from around the world and create history with our extra ordinary products using the most natural and organic ingredients sourced from different parts of the world; each ingredient being known best to its location.

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